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What does Jadu mean?

We knew we wanted to put our shared culture on the forefront of this brand. We dove into Persian culture and went through different words that connected with our purpose and mission. Enter Jadu. The english translation is magic, charm and enchantment. Magic stood out to us because we each have a magic within us that brought us to each other and our reasoning behind Jadu. With Anna’s entrepreneurial asset, Nadia’s cooking asset, and Gabrielle’s health asset, the three of us combined our sorceries to launch our own magic potion, or in better words, “the magic drip” to Jadu.

Who Are We?

Anna Asi


Before Jadu was born, Anna Asi was already dominating the world as an entrepreneur, real estate mogul, and business-driven woman. Anna’s intuition and senses have brought her to the mother/daughter duo Nadia and Gabrielle. She knew they were different from anyone she had come across. Immediately, the connection was familiar and safe. Anna’s mission has always been to show the world that women are powerful and can make it in this venture. With Anna’s savvy entrepreneurial skills, Jadu has exploded with magic and differentiation in the olive oil vendor.

Nadia Eshaghpour

(Co-Founder/Cook Connoisseur)

Ever since Nadia was in diapers, one hand held a pacifier, the other held a measuring spoon. Nadia’s way of destressing has always been cooking. By following her mother’s lead in the kitchen, Nadia mimicked every move until she mastered her own. While her priority in life has been raising her three daughters, Nadia tested out recipes upon recipes for her family to indulge in. Fast forward 28 years, Nadia has put pen to paper and published her own cookbook – Saffron & Spice with Nadia. With Nadia’s expertise in the cooking sphere, she has put Jadu’s quality in the forefront by testing her own recipes with the magic drip. 

Gabrielle Eshaghpour (Co-Founder/Health Guru)

Gabrielle’s path to Jadu was a little different from the rest. This journey to Jadu has made Gabrielle realize her own magic within herself. As this idea was introduced to her, she couldn’t fathom creating her own success. As she dived into her own journey of health and self-growth, Gabrielle realized how detrimental it is to express self-appreciation. Her love for her body grew as she provided it with more nutrients and higher quality value. When it came to cooking oils, Gabrielle educated herself to learn the various types of health benefits to this versatile food. Oil is what brings food its flavor, its magic, its umph. As we go on our own mission to become more health-conscious, Jadu can be the serving aid to a more balanced and strong body.

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