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The Difference of Jadu

The olive, renowned for its versatility, yields not only oil but also an array of derivatives crucial in numerous industries. From the rich, smooth texture of olive oil to the nourishing extracts utilized in skincare and the beneficial compounds incorporated into dietary supplements, olive stands as a cornerstone of our sourcing philosophy. We meticulously select our olives from the finest groves, prioritizing quality, sustainability, and purity. Through rigorous sourcing practices, we ensure that only the best olives find their way into our products, allowing us to deliver excellence in every bottle, jar, or formulation that bears our brand.


We, as a society, are deficient in the powerhouse vitamin. Vitamin D is known to help with bone health and immune function. It is referred to as the “sunshine” vitamin because we are able to obtain the benefits through sunlight. But, with concerns of sun cancer increasing, more people are trying to stay out of the sun as much as possible. That means lower Vitamin D, lower bone health, lower immune function. There is no way someone gets the appropriate amount of vitamin D for a healthy way of living. That is why we created Jadu. The benefits of Jadu are endless, but we wanted our oil to be magic for your health.



Introducing Jadu: OG. The original use for our oil. Every time you consume Jadu, you are getting those benefits of Vitamin D that you couldn’t get because of your diet or decrease of sun exposure. Drizzle it on your veggies, your pizza, your dips…anything! You can even drizzle it in your mouth for those *magic* benefits…as it is the magic drip after all (wink).


The glow behind the brand. As two of our founders have suffered with the skin conditions, eczema and melasma, it was essential to find a solution. You might be questioning, doesn’t oil break you out? As our third founder has sensitive and dry skin, this was a must for the product. Enter Jadu: GLO. The oil has brought the flareups down and the glow up! Jadu Glo has proved to not cause breakouts and has brought in the moisture, even in the driest of months.


The growth behind the brand. As we get older, our hair particles tend to become weaker. With hair coloring, heat styling, aerosol sprays, diet change, and stress, our hair can shed and cause us to panic. Enter Jadu: GRO. The first oil that actually does NOT cause your hair to get oily, protects from heat damage, helps split ends, and makes it shine. It is essential to take care of your hair. We created this product for an all-in-one experience to give your hair the love it needs!

“Jadu has been an absolute game-changer for my well-being. This oil is the first of its kind. So versatile, yet so simple. It has been a crucial part to my energy, glowing skin, and growing mane.”

Anna Asi

CEO of Jadu

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